Ron Rhodes Gains More Points for the Championship

Ride with Ron Rhodes from MIR

Ron the Points Leader in the X275 at MIR has another Great Race and keeps on gaining Points to add onto his Championship Run!

First Qualifying pass Ron goes to the Number one spot by Running a 4.59!

On the Second Qualifying pass Ron goes into a wheel-stand doesn’t better his 4.59 pass as Rich Bruder Driving in his Turbo Mustang takes the Number one spot running a 4.57.

Going into Round 1 Rhodes is against Jeff Kinsler, Ron goes into another wheel-stand and does a quick peddle job to take the Round win and goes against Mike Cerminaro in the Semi’s!

In the Semis Ron keeps the Wheels down and lays down a nice clean 4.60 pass and will have lane choice going into the finals against Number 1 Qualifier Rich Bruder!

In the Finals it was a close Race as Rich Bruder gets off the line first but Ron right there and both of them are locked side by side then Rich Bruder pulls just in front of Ron at the last second to get the Holeshot Win!

Ron has another Great Race and gained even more Points to get him closer to the X275 Championship at MIR!


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