Video of Outlaw Drag Radial Race from June 6th at MIR

Outlaw Drag Radial Points had Francis Johnson Leading the Points coming into this Race, and with Barry Mitchell just a few points from taking the lead! 

Francis struggled in qualifying, as Barry Mitchell would Qualify #1 to get even closer to the Points Lead!

As both Drivers Advanced in Round One they would Face each other in the Semi-Final Round! Winner would go to the Final Round and also leave with the Points Lead!

In the Semi’s, Francis was forced to lift as he went into a huge wheel-stand and Mitchell would run a 4.34, and would go to the Final Round, and also taking the Points lead!

Mitchell would face #2 Qualifier Ziff Hudson to make it an all North Carolina Final Round with both cars Racing on the Pro 275 Tire!

It was a Side by Side final as Mitchell would win by running another 4.34 against Hudson’s 4.35!

Barry Mitchell wins the Race and is now your new Outlaw Drag Radial Points Leader!


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